Brand/Brand Management

Branding/Brand Management

The university's brand, which is expressed across nearly all communications, helps to build our image. High quality and consistent use are essential to the brand's effectiveness and to enhancing the brand experience.

The marketing office works to build, protect and ensure brand consistency in internal and external communications created by all university divisions, schools, departments, programs and units. The Director of Marketing works specifically to:

Manage the creation of the university's brand and visual identities

  • Approve and monitor use of the university's brand and logo by internal and external constituents 
  • Monitor brand image 
  • Manage the creation of visual identities (logos) for divisions, departments, schools and programs 

For more information about the ECSU brand and the university's brand structure or to download any of the universities logos, marks or templates, please visit ECSU Brand and Logos

If you have questions about ECSU's brand, using any of our logos and marks or would like to discuss the creation of a logo for your unit, program or initiative, please contact call 252-335-3103.