ECSU Brand Guidelines

ECSU Brand summary

Bring the ECSU brand to life through messaging, visual identity, typography, color and voice.


Elizabeth City State University’s brand and visual identity represents the institution’s positioning for advancement and transformation that builds upon over 126 years of historical legacy, academic excellence and innovative instruction.

This platform is meant to tell the true Elizabeth City State University story, position it for success and spark curiosity, interest, inspiration and action when connecting with the university’s audience.

Through streamlined and unified messaging, it acts as the foundation and fiber of the institutional structure and culture, weaved into each university touchpoint – efficiently and consistently building and protecting the Elizabeth City State University brand.



Elizabeth City State University remains positioned for advancement and transformation that builds upon 126 years of historical legacy, academic excellence, and innovative instruction. The university provides an experience that creates leaders, forges lifetime relationships, and impacts the state of the region and beyond.

Through the decades, thousands have come to Elizabeth City State University to teach, learn, or discover; however, they depart with much more. Vikings leave the institution equipped with immeasurable knowledge, invaluable skills, and an incomparable network.


The university’s voice is genuine, welcoming and traditional. It is meant to embody Elizabeth City State University as an institution that is tenacious and continues to flourish, is rooted in history but positioned for change, and is intellectually stimulating, challenging and empowering.



 Come to Discover. Leave to Conquer



Affordable Excellence: Through rigorous teaching, leading research, and community engagement, Elizabeth City State University provides a student-centered environment, delivered in a manner that enhances student learning, while preparing its graduates for leadership roles and lifelong learning.

Legacy of Success: Elizabeth City State University is an environment for extraordinary teaching and scholarship – graduating thousands of student success stories, from across all areas of business. In addition to this, the institution boasts generations of Viking graduates within a family.

Where You Matter: The nurturing environment of Elizabeth City State University ensures that each student is more than just a face in the classroom.

Beyond Education: The ECSU Experience goes beyond the classroom – it holistically prepares its students for their life journey – personally, professionally, and socially.