ECSU Branding


Elizabeth City State University's institutional identity is more than just a logo and a tagline. It is a part of our brand. The ECSU brand is tied closely to our image, which is expressed across the various traditional and new media the university uses to communicate strategically with our constituents. From printed materials such as letterhead and business cards, to publications, presentations, promotional items, clothing, signage, digital/electronic communications, audio/video productions, advertising and marketing, our institutional identity makes the visual impression that builds our reputation and our image - two of our key assets.

The ECSU brand experience occurs each time the university touches a constituent, including students, parents, prospective students, faculty, staff, partners and the community. In order to be effective and to enhance the brand experience, it is important that our brand be used consistently in a high-quality, professional manner.

In many cases, the first contact a person has with ECSU is through a publication, a letter, a promotional item or through our website. Therefore, logos, colors and other elements need to be used uniformly to ensure recognition and to enhance the university's image. Standards and guidelines have been established for using colors, logos and visual representations of the university.

Inconsistent use of the institutional identity and the lack of a consistent style across all communications may reduce the effectiveness and strength of the ECSU brand. Therefore, the ECSU institutional identity program applies to all communications that represent the university internally or externally.

The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for reviewing and approving communications to ensure compliance with identity standards. If you do not find the information you need on our website or in the Guide, please contact the department at (252) 335-3594 or email