Publications Production/Approval Process

The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for review and sign-off of all university publications that represent the university and bear the university name and/or logos. Therefore, in an effort to ensure high quality, a consistent image, positive publicity and effective marketing of the university in publications, every publication must be approved by the department before it is printed and/or placed on the website. 

This guideline applies to all divisions, departments, programs and units of the university. We are one institution, and even though we represent different areas, it is important that we show unity in the way we present our programs and services. Publications do not have to look exactly alike, but they do need to follow certain parameters and incorporate certain identifying icons in specific ways to present an organized and consistent look. However, the creating university department is responsible for the content, accuracy and initial proofreading of their external publications

Examples of university publications include and not limited to the following:

  • Admissions Recruitment publications
  • New Student Orientation publications
  • Athletic marketing and event materials
  • Fundraising material
  • Posters and handbills
  • Student publications
  • Display Boards
  • University event programs (ex. Founders Day, Commencement, Viking Fest, Homecoming)
  • Invitations, etc.
  • Fliers
  • Departmental brochures and folders
  • Manuals and Newsletters
  • Academic Catalogs
  • Program Booklets and Brochures-(official university events and other annual events)
  • Award Ceremony Invites/Programs
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Presentation packages for conferences (hosted by ECSU)
  • Business Cards and Departmental letterhead/envelopes
  • Other departmental publications posted to the ECSU Website

If you are designing more than one publication for the same event, (ex. Event Program and Invitation) the publication should have similar elements that tie all the pieces together. 

Creating your publication 

What type of assistance do I need from Communications and Marketing. 

  • If the publication has already been designed by the client using the appropriate guidelines outlined in this guide, you only need review and approval of your publication. Please submit your FINAL draft of your publication at least 3-4 weeks before it is scheduled to be printed. This will allow time for revisions to your document if necessary.
  • If the publication has not been designed by the client and you need assistance to help you get started, please contact the URM's publication director immediately to discuss the next steps. Instructions will vary depending on the client needs and circumstances. Six (6) weeks advance notice is highly recommended when you need major assistance from CAM. 

Step One: Production Stage

Give yourself plenty of time. Your publication may need to go through three stages. The time spent in these stages can vary depending on the complexity of your publication.  Normally it will only take 2 days to 1 week to approve the document and return to the client.

What I should know before my document is designed.

  • The purpose of the publication (to inform, to respond, to attend)
  • Graphic design and printing budget (if applicable)
  • The target audience (Who are you speaking to)
  • The date, time, location, contact information (if applicable)
  • Ideas for Photos (provide 300 dpi photos)
  • Any collateral pieces (reply cards, envelopes, invitations, etc.)
  • Color Options of document (black and white, full color, one color, etc.)
  • Print and delivery deadlines
  • Quantity you will need if printing
  • How you plan to distribute

Step Two: Proofing Stage

Who needs to proof and approve my document?
Before your document receives final approval from Communications and Marketing, you must acquire the required approvals from your unit heads. Please complete the Publication Approval Form and acquire all signatures needed. Failure to acquire these signatures may delay the process. Please note that the client is responsible for the accuracy of the content and should carefully review the document before it is printed or posted electronically. 

Step Three: Printing Stage

How much time will I need for printing and delivery of my publication?
This is the final stage. A printer's timeline for delivery of a printed document can vary according to their schedule. The client is responsible for securing and working directly with a printer to set a timeline for their publication. Printers will typically need to know the quantity, page count, style of the publication, color, and projected delivery date before they can give you a realistic quote.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at (252) 335-3594 or email