Introducing an innovative marketing program from WRVS-FM 89.9 

Your products and services may be excellent, but your business could be suffering. Why? In today's crowded marketplace, what often separates the winners from the losers is not the products or services themselves, but how well you promote them. Fortunately, WRVS-FM, 89.9 and W18BB-TV (Time Warner Cable Channel 22) have created a turnkey program to maximize your marketing efforts to northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia.

Now you can make the most of your budget through an integrated marketing program that leverages the power of radio, television, the Internet, print, and event marketing. Through this innovative new program, you can now market your business, products, services and ideas through one of the area's most trusted media sources. Since a portion of your marketing dollars is used to underwrite public radio, leveraging the power of WRVS-FM 89.9 advertising means that some of your marketing budget is tax deductible.

WRVS-FM 89.9

Reach the most responsive audience with the best variety of local and national programming. From NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered to Morning Joy and PM Cruise, WRVS-FM 89.9 has something for everyone.

  • Our listeners are loyal. WRVS-FM listeners feel a definite sense of ownership with the station.
  • Our station is interactive. Listeners are interacting with our broadcasters by phone for advice or questions and by mail for study material.
  • We air fewer commercials. This format gives your message the best exposure to listeners.
  • Our audience listens with purpose. The WRVS-FM audience listens to our programs with more purpose than listeners to most radio formats. 

Your Benefits

  • Boost your credibility. WRVS-FM advertisers achieve instant credibility with our listeners.
  • Get active participation. Our active audience participates in promotions and in the purchasing of products and services that are advertised.
  • Get your message heard! No station scanning here! Your message stands out, meaning that your message is heard.
  • Take our goodwill. Please. Our listeners are actually glad you're on the station. And they'll prove it by buying from you.


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The power and creativity of W18BB-TV are restricted only by the limits of our imagination. We have all thought about how well we could tell our story in our own words with our own visuals. W18BB-TV can help you do just that. W18BB houses a fully-staffed, professional video production studio. Our services include videotaping, editing, post-production, graphics packages, consultation, and much more.