Request an Interview


ECSU faculty and staff teach a wide range of courses from the arts to the sciences.

News reporters, editors and photographers should contact the Media Relations office at 252-335-3594, to request interviews/photo shoots with ECSU faculty, staff and students. Faculty and staff are available to speak for special occasions as their schedules allow. They are available to participate in broadcasts and forums. These subject experts can provide quotes for news articles as well as tips related to retirement, home purchases and health and fitness, college standardized tests.

In addition, singers and musicians in ECSU choral ensembles, choirs and bands are available for live and recorded performances. The Media Relations office can also assist you in contacting the faculty or staff member who supervises the ensembles or band of your choice.

Contact the Office Communications and Marketing at 252-335-3594, to arrange an interview with ECSU faculty and staff.