Request for Publicity Assistance

Publicity Request Forms



Whether it's publicizing an art exhibit, a science fair, observance of an annual event or the exceptional accomplishments of students, staff and faculty, publicity is readily available. Complete and submit the department's publicity request form to begin the process. The form should be completed 3-4 weeks prior to the date of the event.

Important notes you should remember before completing the publicity request form:

  • A complete description of the event and its title
  • Relevant advance reservations or deadlines 
  • Relevant prices or other stipulations for entry 
  • Attendance that is open to the public or restricted to a select group such as ECSU students, staff and faculty 
  • Entry pending the presentation of a ticket or ID card 
  • The location and date tickets will be sold/distributed 
  • Complete and accurate professional titles and credentials of guest speakers 

The Publicity Request Form  also provide the following services (All services listed below may not apply to your event):

  • Press Release
  • University Web Calendar
  • Radio and TV Services (WRVS/W18BB)
  • Newspaper/Radio/TV Ads
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • University Marquee
  • Print (Flyer, poster)
  • Campus Wide Email (ECSUNEWS)
  • Rotating Banner or new webpage on front page of website
  • Photography
  • Upcoming Events (ECSU Website Front Page)