Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication

The Office of Communications and Marketing works with key university personnel to develop strategies and messages for specific communications designed to inform internal and external audiences about the university.

The office writes and edits key documents and communications for the university and provides writing and editing support to divisions, schools, departments, units and programs for communications that will be released to the public.

The media relations office also communicates internally with students, faculty and staff in collaboration with the Office of the Chancellor and the Divisions of Academic Affairs, Business and Finance, and Student Affairs. Additionally, the communications team advises faculty, staff and students to prepare them for interviews with the media and for select public appearances.

Crisis Communications

  • Serve as the resource for planning and delivering messages before, during and after a crisis or emergency involving the university
  • Develop messages to the media of steps the university is taking to respond to a crisis and provide periodic updates as a crisis unfolds
  • Provide follow-up information and findings after the investigation of crisis and emergency situations 


  • Serve as editor of ECSU Magazine
  • Write and edit key university documents and other strategic communications
  • Provide editorial services for divisions, schools, departments, units and special programs
  • Research and write stories for the ECSU website News Room 

Internal Communications

  • Write, record and distribute important information and updates about the university as well as major university events to faculty, staff and students
  • Serve as the clearinghouse and editor of general announcements for internal distribution
  • Provide feedback to administration and internal leadership when ECSU is referenced in the media

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