Chancellor's Cabinet

Chancellor's Cabinet


Interim Chief Human Resources Officer

The Chief Human Resources Officer reports to the Chancellor, serves as senior advisor on matters pertaining to human resources management and has responsibility for and authority over HR Banner, employee benefits; faculty and staff recruitment; selection and employment; training and staff development; staff wage, salary, and position management. 

Duties and Responsibilities: 
Develops and communicates human resources policies and procedures; planning, organizing and directing the development of valid and reliable instruments to be used as a basis for fair and legal selection, training, performance evaluations, compensation, staff development practices; and manages the EPA contract process for all EPA non-teaching staff members.

George L. Bright
Athletic Director
The Director of Athletics reports to the Chancellor and provides vision, leadership and advocacy for the overall Athletics Program.

Duties and Responsibilities: 
Responsibility for planning, organizing, recruiting, staffing evaluation and assessment. Oversee the efficient management of fiscal resources and facilities; demonstrates a commitment to academic integrity, gender equity, diversity and compliance with the National Intercollegiate Athletic Association( NCAA) Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) rules. Assume the leadership associated with the athletic development and fund-raising programs designed to enhance the Athletics program. Promote sound academic principles.

Gary Brown, VC of Student Affairs
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs reports to the Chancellor.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Chief Student Affairs Officer for Student Affairs provides executive leadership in ensuring the overall development of each student through collegial leadership, vision, creativity, and dedication. The position provides direction and accountability for the administration, development, assessment and improvement of student services and experiences which meet and support the University's mission and strategic plan.
Alyn Goodson
General Counsel/Chief Operations Officer

The General Counsel/Chief Operations Officer reports to the Chancellor on legal matters pertinent to the university.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Renders legal opinions; reviews and prepares university contracts; drafts and revises policies; assist the Office of the Attorney General in the defense of litigation and claims involving the university; disseminate legal information with the university community; monitor the university's compliance with the requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This position also serves as the Chief Operations Officer.   The Chief Operations Officer provides leadership over the strategic planning process, emergency management planning, enterprise risk management and management productivity initiatives. Departments reporting to the Chief Operating Officer include Human Resources, University Police, and Government Relations. 

John Lassiter
Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
The Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance reports directly to the Chancellor.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance is the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for ensuring sound fiscal and operational management of the university's monetary resources, coordinating and maintaining the university's budget, providing and enhancing quality services by all units, and implementing and maintaining adequate internal controls.  This Vice Chancellor further serves as the head of the Division of Business & Finance, providing overall leadership to following specific departments: Office of the Controller, the Budget & Financial Planning Department, Procurement & Materials Management and the Office of Contracts & Grants.  Additional responsibilities include leadership and management of various auxiliary services, including Student Dining & Catering Services, Student Stores, Rental Property Management and Risk Management.  The Vice Chancellor of Business & Finance is a member of the Chancellor's cabinet and participates in the general planning & administration of the university.

john lee
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

The Division of  University Advancement reports to the Chancellor.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Division of University Advancement is responsible for taking a lead role in planning and implementing, in consonance with the University's mission and its leadership team, a comprehensive program for private and corporate support. This includes working in conjunction with the Chancellor to design and implement major and planned giving programs, an annual fund, and any special or capital giving programs that may flow from the strategic planning process of the university.   University Advancement is also responsible for providing overall management and leadership of the following departments: Alumni Relations and Community Development. Additional duties include serving as Executive Director for The Elizabeth City State University Foundation.

Suresh Murugan
Chief Information Officer
This is a senior-level position with primary responsibility for assisting the Chancellor in general administrative duties and supervising various units as assigned by the Chancellor.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Chief Information Officer (CIO)is responsible for providing overall management and leadership of all Information Technology (IT)related matters, as well as, developing and implementing an IT strategy consistent with the UNC System. This includes the establishment, implementation, and enforcement of IT policies and procedures; review and approve all IT related hardware and software purchases; the installation and support of all university-wide software and hardware; the implementation and support of a campus-based fiber network which provides internet, e-mail and web access to key campus-based applications for faculty, staff, and student use; and represents the university on all IT matters for both internal and external groups. Offices reporting directly to the CIO include IT Client Services, Administrative Computing, and Network Services.

Dr. Farrah Ward
Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs reports directly to the Chancellor and participates in general planning and administration of the university.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is the Chief Academic Officer and provides leadership to ensure the integrity, accountability and overall excellence of academic programs, academic support programs, and activities related to student life. Additionally, the chief academic officer provides management of the resources of the division, facilitates student access and success, student life, counseling, community engagement, student conduct, career planning and placement, residence hall living and international student services.

The division works to create and promote an environment in which students may develop into mature, well-rounded citizens who are self-disciplined, and who have an appreciation for the importance of lifelong learning.

Gwendolyn Sanders
Secretary to the University
The Secretary of the University plans, coordinates and facilitates the work of the Board of Trustees of Elizabeth City State University to enable it to effectively govern the University.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Secretary of the University’s primary responsibility is supporting the governance of the University and facilitating the work of the University’s Board of Trustees.  Working with the Board Chair, Chancellor, and Chief of Staff, the Secretary’s duties include serving as liaison between the Board and University administration; developing and advancing Board member engagement; managing Board records; and planning and executing all Board and Board committee meetings, retreats and orientation sessions.

Additionally, the Secretary of the University facilitates leadership to help create and foster a unifying voice on key issues to the University administration, and in consultation with general counsel, ensures that board recommendations comply with legal requirements. The Secretary works collaboratively with the Chancellor’s cabinet and campus groups to support Board initiatives, and coordinates events for the Office of the Chancellor.  The position reports to the Chief of Staff and directs projects as requested on behalf of the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Derrick Wilkins
Chief of Staff
The Chief of Staff reports directly to the Chancellor and serves as an advisor and key member of the Chancellor’s executive staff.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Chief of Staff is responsible for the management and central coordination of all activities of the Chancellor’s office which includes all employment related matters, office budget, tracking and monitoring the progress of projects, action items and strategies for the Chancellor.  The Chief of Staff provides professional support and counsel to the Chancellor on matters related to the efficient and effective management of the university and university related business; and is expected to identify, assess and analyze significant issues and opportunities which require the attention of the senior leadership. Departments reporting to the Chief of Staff include: Communications and Marketing and Information Technology.