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Department Information

Department of Art

Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Department are to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue career opportunities or graduate study in visual arts, graphic design or theater arts and to provide enriching experiences in the visual arts for the Elizabeth City State University students, faculty and citizens of the Albemarle region at large.

The Department's objectives are as follows:

  • To provide art degree programs that:
    1. Prepare students to pursue successful careers in the visual arts, graphic design and theater arts;
    2. Prepare students for graduate study;
    3. Prepare students to become professional art educators;
    4. Serve students who seek an overview of the visual arts and art history as part of their general education
  • To provide art students with a comprehensive education that establishes a solid foundation in studio art, graphic design, art history, art theory, and opportunities to exhibit their work.
  • To support the university's liberal arts program by providing engaging courses in art for students majoring in other fields of study.
  • To support the university's community outreach initiatives by hosting a variety of art exhibitions, guest lecturers and workshops
  • To provide students with an atmosphere that supports the creative process by providing adequate facilities and equipment, theoretical and practical experience, individualized instruction and thorough advisement.

Admission Requirements

All students seeking to major or minor in art must first gain admission into Elizabeth City State University by applying to the university through the Office of Admissions. Following admission to the university, prospective art majors must complete an entrance exam to determine their level of knowledge of the visual arts.

Academic Expectations

Students are required to compile a portfolio and complete an interim exam at the end of their sophomore year to determine if adequate progress is being made. All students are expected to proceed through the required sequence of courses achieving a grade of C or better.

Senior Show/Portfolio

Students seeking a B.A. in Art or a B.S. in Graphic Design are required to mount a senior show and assemble a portfolio showcasing work that represents the student's unique style and demonstrates overall artistic and academic quality.

Students Internships

The Department of Art has an active internship program that provides students with opportunities to work with local businesses and arts organizations.

Teacher Education

Art education licensure students must be formally admitted into the Teacher Education program. Requirements for admission and retention are available from the School of Education and Psychology.