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Department Of Accounting

The Accounting Program in the Walter R. Davis School of Business and Economics provides students with accounting knowledge and skills for achievement in a competitive and global environment

SBE Learning Goals for All Courses

SBE Learning Goal 1 - Communication - Our graduates will communicate effectively.
Oral Communication Written Communication Receptive Communication
Pronunciation Grammar Asking Appropriate Questions
Projection & Speed Sentence Structure Responding Appropriately to Questions
Dress Clarity Identification of Significant Ideas
Posture Organization & Format  
Gestures Use of Technology  
Use of Technology    
SBE Learning Goal 2 - Critical Thinking - Our graduates will be able to think critically.
Problem Solving Qualitative Methods Using Technology for Decision-Making
Determine elements of the problem Equations & Inequality Spreadsheets
Gather info Dispersion Database Mgmt
Determine criteria to use Probability Search Engines
Rationale for choice made Analytical Thinking General Internet Skills
  Creative Thinking  
SBE Leaning Goal 3 - Ethical and Social Responsibility - Our graduates will demonstrate ethical and social responsibility.
Demonstrate Civic Engagement
Make ethical decisions
Recognize Roles of Org. in Society
Civil rights & personal liberties
Breadth of Individuality

Goals of the Accounting Program

In addition to the goals of the School of Business and Economics, the Accounting Program has the following goals:

  1. Understanding Accounting Theory - Students will understand theories and concepts of accounting and finance disciplines.
  2. Understanding the Accounting Reporting Process - Students will understand the process of identifying, gathering, measuring, summarizing and analyzing financial data for managerial decision-making.
  3. Understanding Tax Issues - Students will understand personal and corporate taxation and its impact on financial and managerial decisions.