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During your time in the SBE, you will have two faculty advisors. They will help guide you through the transformational process at the SBE. Your underclass advisor will advise you until the point when you matriculate into the business program. Your upper class advisor will advise you from matriculation into the program until graduation. Your advisors are a wonderful source of information about jobs in your field of choice, about the courses that you need in order to graduate on time and about graduate school. You should plan to meet with your advisors at least once per term. In the attached PDF file, you can see the advising progression.

Your underclass advisor will work with you to schedule the courses you need to take to matriculate as a Business Administration and/or Accounting major. You will be assigned this advisor during your freshman fall. Your underclass advisors will monitor your progress through your general studies requirements and the completion of the matriculation requirements for your desired major. That advisor will help you complete the application to matriculate into the Business Administration and/or Accounting major. You will meet with your underclass advisor and your upper class advisor in a transition meeting once you have been accepted into the major of your choice. Your underclass advisor may also suggest student organizations for your involvement as a way of further enhancing the transformational experience at the SBE.

Your upper class advisors will work with you to ensure that you graduate in a timely fashion. Your upper class advisor will be assigned based on your major. This advisor will monitor your progress toward your degree and will complete your 90-hour review as well as your graduation application. Upper class advisors can also be excellent sources of information on graduate school, GMATs and internships.

As freshmen, you should have received forms listing the duties of advisors and advisees. Advising works best when it is an ongoing conversation between the advisor and advisee. Plan to see your advisor frequently - at least once per semester - to speed your transformation and to ensure that you are on the right track throughout the process.

Advising Process