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  • All graduates except those being commissioned in ROTC are required to wear academic attire (mortar boards and gowns). 
  • Mortar boards (hats) are worn with the tips in a horizontal position-not tilted. All undergraduates and candidates for Bachelor degrees march with the tassels on the right side of their hats. Graduate students wear their tassels on the left side at all times during the ceremony.
  • Men wear hats throughout the program except during the Invocation, National Anthem(s) and Benediction.
  • Women do not remove their hats during the ceremony.
  • Women will wear dresses, skirts, dark colored dress pants and black dress shoes.
  • Men will wear dark suits, white shirts, dark ties and black shoes.
  • Flip flops, jeans, tennis shoes are not allowed.
  • Purses are not to be carried in the procession. Provisions should be made to leave them with family or friends.
  • Cellular phones, iPods, etc. should not be used at any time during the ceremony.
  • Students will not be able to participate in Commencement exercises without securing academic attire. It is strongly recommended that you purchase attire through the ECSU Bookstore, as it has specific attire pertinent to ECSU graduates.