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The B.S. Degree in Accounting provides basic preparation for careers in public accounting, corporate finance and accounting, and government and not-for-profit accounting. Students interested in meeting the 150 hours requirement for CPA certification should contact their advisor before the end of the freshman year to devise a strategy to do so while still graduating on schedule. The Accounting degree is an excellent degree for many career goals and is in demand because of the analytical skills that it develops. The accounting program provides a transformational step toward a career in accounting and business.

Program Learning Objectives

The primary objectives of the accounting major are for our graduates to be able to:

  1. Prepare and analyze financial statements.
  2. Demonstrate entry-level technical competence in financial accounting, cost/managerial accounting and auditing.
  3. Apply principles of the US tax system to real life cases.
  4. Describe the principles related to the design, integrity and effectiveness of accounting information systems.
  5. Apply critical thinking skills to business decisions.

Communicate effectively in written format.