Welcome to Internship!


At the Department of Business and Economics the Internship course is required for graduation.  Internship is a great way for students to get relevant job experience while gaining college credit.  The internship process is unique at the Department of Business and Economics because there is a designated staff member to help you.  Internships are offered in a 3 credit hour format, which is 150 hours of work or a 6 credit hour, which is 300 hours of work.  The internship will help you to connect your previous skills and educational background to a business work experience.  The internship and your coursework will go hand in hand and will allow you to experience what working in your potential field will look like.  Internships are chosen for each student individually and all start with an email to set up an appointment. 

Please contact the Department Chairperson for more information:  Ngozi Oiraku at

Samples of internship host types are as follows:

  • Marketing:
      • Event Planning:  Venues, Wedding Planners
      • Marketing:  Camps, City Organizations, Small Businesses, Corporations
  • Management: Churches, Car Dealerships, Small Businesses, Corporations, Venues, City Organizations
  • Accounting:  Car Dealerships, Churches, CPA Firms, Banks
  • Finance:  Car Dealerships, Investment Firms, Banks
  • Entrepreneurship:  Various Small Businesses, City Organizations
  • Management Information Systems:  Corporations, Small Businesses