Getting Started

Getting Started

At The Community College:

How do students register for the program?

  1. Submit an application at the community college for admittance in the pre-elementary education program 2 + 2 Teacher Prep. Program.
  2. Submit all official transcripts to see if any credits apply to the 2 + 2 program.
  3. Apply for financial aid. Take placement tests that will help you start at the right level.
  4. Your community college 2 + 2 advisor will review your transcript evaluation and provide you a curriculum guideline check sheet for the 2 + 2 program.
  5. Register for classes.

At Elizabeth City State University:

How do students begin the program at ECSU?

  1. Once the student has graduated from the community college with an Associate of Arts degree in pre-elementary education, submit an application to ECSU through the ECSU Instructional Consultant at the community college site:
College of The Albemarle Site
Mrs. LuAnn Riddick
Deputy Director of Admissions
Halifax Community College Site
Mrs. Prestine Jefferies
Deputy Director of Admissions
  1. Submit all prior college and/or university official transcripts for evaluation of credits for the 2 + 2 Teacher Prep. Program. Copies of transcripts are not accepted for evaluation and official acceptance to ECSU.
  2. Visit the ECSU financial aid website at or call 252-335-3284 to apply. 
  3. Once you have been accepted to ECSU, set an appointment with the ECSU Instructional Consultant located at the community college site to review your admittance packet.
  4. The ECSU Instructional Consultant will review your "Record of Transfer Credit" you received in your admittance packet and provide you with a curriculum guideline check sheet for the 2 + 2 program ECSU courses, review the course of study, plan your semester schedule and assist you in registering for classes.
  5. Pay your tuition and fees. Make sure you are cleared through Student Accounts. Purchase your textbook and supplies.
  6. Purchase your community college parking decal and validate your dual student ID.
  7. Verify your technical specifications for computer hardware and software requirements for on-line classes by visiting ECSU's technology website here and


What are the requirements for entrance into ECSU's Teacher Education Program?

  • Go to
  • Go the Accreditation Portfolio for your specific program area. 
  • Follow the directions for the Criminal Background Check: 
  • You must have a criminal background check prior to observing or participating in a K-12 public school. Please go to, and click on Students. The ECSU code is EL65. There is a $25 cost. After you have applied for your criminal background check, please indicate the date in the textbox, and submit to Dr. Shelia Williams Director of Teacher Education. The results of this check may indicate whether or not you will be allowed to continue in the Teacher Education program. 
  • Follow the directions for the Early Field Experience: 
    Please scan and attach a copy of 1) the Evaluation of Field Experience that your cooperating teacher completed as part of your early field experience (EDUC 210 or EDUC 211); and 2) the Observation and Participation Log/Teacher. If you did not take EDUC 210/211 from ECSU, you will need to attach documentation that you successfully completed a supervised early field experience of at least 15 hours in a P-12 school setting. Submit for evaluation to Dr. Shelia Williams, Director of Teacher Education. 
  • Follow the directions for PRAXIS I (or alternative) Scores: Please complete the form and attach test scores, as appropriate. (The form is attached to the webpage.) For admission to Teacher Education, degree-seeking candidates are required to submit (by attachment) either PRAXIS I Reading, Math, and Writing scores of at least 522 (combined) OR SAT Critical Reading and Math scores of at least 1100 (combined). Licensure-only candidates may or may not have to submit test scores for admission. However, all candidates must complete the form. Submit for evaluation to Dr. Shelia Williams, Director of Teacher Education. SEE YOUR PROGRAM AREA COORDINATOR OR ADVISOR FOR PROGRAM-SPECIFIC INFORMATION. 
  • Follow the directions for Transcripts: Please scan and attach a copy of your most recent college transcripts. Informal transcripts are acceptable. Admission to the Teacher Education Program requires a minimum GPA of 2.5. For licensure-only candidates, please include transcripts from your degree-granting institution, as well as any additional ECSU transcripts you may have. Submit for evaluation to Dr. Shelia Williams, Director of Teacher Education. 
  • Follow the directions for Pre-program Questionnaire: You will complete this questionnaire as part of the course requirements for EDUC 210. Once you have completed it, be sure to "submit" it to the ECSU Manager (for TaskStream) for evaluation. Evaluation consists entirely of whether or not you complete the form. This questionnaire addresses how much you know about your selected program. There is no expectation that you should be knowledgeable about any of the questions, and you will not be evaluated on how you answer them. Instead, your program coordinator will use this information to identify strengths and instructional needs of the program as a whole. Completion of this form is a requirement for admission to Teacher Education. If you did not complete it in EDUC 210, you must do so prior to your application for admission to Teacher Education. 
  • Follow the directions for Checkpoint 1 Dispositions Evaluation: Please ask at least two of your professors or cooperating teachers to complete a dispositions evaluation for you. After you have their permission, send them an email and include your full name, your major (or licensure area), and your program advisor. Then, type their names into the text box and "submit" it to them for evaluation. They will then complete the dispositions evaluation form. As is usually the case with reference-type forms, you will be unable to see their evaluations of your dispositions in TaskStream. Submit to Dr. Shelia Williams, Director of Teacher Education. PLEASE NOTE: If you request a Dispositions Evaluation from someone who is not currently a faculty member in any of the Teacher Education Programs, including non-education faculty members here at ECSU or a teacher or principal in a school district, you will need to contact Dr. Linda Lisowski for a guest account number for TaskStream. 
  • Follow the directions for Philosophy of Education: Attach the Philosophy of Education that was written and evaluated as a course requirement for EDUC 210. If you did not take that course from ECSU, you will need to write your Philosophy of Education at this time. Please see your program coordinator for guidance. Submit for evaluation to your program coordinator. 
  • Follow the directions for the Resume: Please attach your resume here. You will have additional opportunities to revise and update your resume. Submit for evaluation to Dr. Shelia Williams, Director of Teacher Education. 
  • Follow the directions for the Application for Admission to TEP: please complete the attached form then submit for evaluation to Dr. Shelia Williams, Director of Teacher Education. 
  • Follow the directions for the Interview: The Office of Teacher Education schedules interviews for admission to Teacher Education several times each semester. Please contact that office to make an appointment for your interview. You cannot be admitted to Teacher Education without completing the interview. No work submission is required for this area. 


Why Choose Our Program:

  • Our programs are state and nationally accredited by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.
  • Many of our graduates have received the honor of teacher of the year and principal of the year locally and statewide. 
  • Our students gain experiences in our local schools through spending several clinical practice hours working directly with highly qualified teachers, many with Master's Degrees and National Board Certification.
  • Our students are supported through their first three years of teaching. ECSU offers an Educational Warranty Program. This program is designed to ensure excellence in teaching performance for ECSU Teacher Education Program graduates, by providing them with assistance to improve individual skills. The program provides a three-year warranty" for any teaching graduate who has achieved initial North Carolina licensure and who is employed in a participating North Carolina School System in the area of licensure.
  • Students benefit from small class sizes and ongoing faculty advisement.
  • Well over half of our graduates receive employment soon after graduation.
  • Our current pass rate on the Praxis II exam for Elementary Education and Special Education is 94%. This exceeds the NCATE minimum score of 80%.
  • The SOEP has a Curriculum Materials Center (CMC). This center houses materials for current students, beginning teachers, and seasoned teachers. The CMC provides an array, reading, science, math and other content area materials for in-house use or on-loan basis. The Center provides teachers with the availability of resources to assist with daily instruction.