University-School Teacher Education Partnership (U-STEP)

(Partners collaborating to prepare pre-service teacher education majors)


Field experiences in Elizabeth City State University's Teacher Education Program are systematically planned to involve students in increasingly real teaching experiences. Students begin their field experiences in EDUC 210- Professional Studies I- Introduction to Education, completing 15 hours and continue this process for each methods course. The field experience required for all methods courses is the basis for the time in the field during the first semester prior to the candidates' student teaching experience. 

Cooperating teachers are selected by principals and central office administrators at the respective school district. The U-STEP director and/or the school services director will visit schools and keep ongoing communication with the cooperating teacher during Clinical Practice I (participation/observation). During the first semester, students complete required field experiences. Candidate hours vary based on the course(s) they are taking during the semester. Hours may range from 15-60. Candidates will set their schedules and submit to the principal and teacher. They are required to fully participate in classroom/school activities. Candidates may attend school meetings and parent meetings. In addition, they may monitor halls, assist with bus duty, recess etc. Teachers will evaluate the candidate at the end of the completion of hours. This evaluation will assist in determining if the candidate moves forward to Clinical Practice II (student teaching). 

The university selects university supervisors with extensive public school experiences. To enhance communication, the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor will have an orientation as part of the collaborative efforts to provide a workable productive experience for the candidates throughout the clinical process. The University Supervisor will meet with the cooperating teacher during the second half of Clinical Practice II (student teaching). 

During the second semester of the candidates' senior year, the candidate will complete 14 weeks of teaching with the cooperating teacher as mentor. This includes 2 weeks of observation. Candidates will develop a portfolio using Taskstream, keep a reflective daily journal and/or videotape conferences to use as tools for analysis and professional development. Performance of the candidates will be assessed by using rubric, observation, reflection, and observation, reflection, and feedback practices. 
Students are expected to fully participate in the classroom whenever possible. Teachers are encouraged to assign responsibilities to students at their own discretion. 

Contact Information:

Dr. Shelia H. Williams, Liaison
Teacher Preparation Partnership Program
School of Education and Psychology
Elizabeth City State University
248 Willie and Jacqueline Gilchrist Education & Psychology Complex
Phone: 252-335-3749