About the Program

About the Program


The degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in psychology shall be conferred upon students who complete major requirements as indicated in the curriculum. Following conditional acceptance as a major/minor in the Department of Psychology, the student must petition for unconditional admission to the Department by completing the appropriate form which is available in the Departmental Office.

The petition must be completed and returned to the Department for review by the Departmental Admissions Committee (an ad hoc Committee appointed by the Departmental Chairperson). Psychology Majors are selected on the basis of their record of academic achievement and the Department of Psychology sets certain minimum standards that must be met by students who are admitted into the degree program. Note: The Program offers the student the opportunity to select either the Applied/Fieldwork track (students seeking employment at the Bachelor's level) or the Research/Academic track(students seeking graduate school admission). In applying for Major or Minor status, the student must evidence an overall grade-point-average (GPA) of 2.25 or better and must have earned grades of "C" or better in the courses identified as "Psychology (Psy)" courses. Failure to maintain the required GPA will result in the student being placed on probationary status as a Major/Minor in Psychology until the necessary GPA is achieved.

Each student has the responsibility for verifying his/her status with regard to GE (General Education) requirements through the General Education Center and for having copies of his/her transcripts forwarded to the Departmental Office. Students are notified of the decision of the Departmental Admissions Committee with regard to admission status on a timely basis and following admission to the Department are assigned to a faculty advisor (registration without the advisor's consent is not permitted in most cases). The student is expected to keep the Departmental Office informed of changes in address and telephone numbers up to the time of graduation.

Summarily, students must first gain admission to the University; must fulfill prerequisites as noted above; and, finally, must apply for admission as either a Major or Minor in the Department. Acceptance to Major or Minor status is subject to the decision of the Departmental Admissions Committee. Additional information may be obtained from the Department of Psychology.

It should be noted that both the Major and *Minor (for majors in any discipline) are offered in psychology. Note: The Department also offers an "Academic Concentration in_Psychology" as a complement to the Teacher Education Program. Students are admitted to the Department through departmental admissions procedures and each student pursuing the Psychology Major must also declare a Minor (any field other than Psychology) as the first-time seeker of the baccalaureate degree.