Online Writing Lab Services


The Academic Support Writing Lab offers free consultations on any writing project for any discipline. All writers are welcome!

Be courteous! Schedule a consultation on your writing project by appointment two days in advance - spring/ summer semester (four-five days in advance during the fall); Drop-in visits are available on a first come, first serve basis. *Note: due to the high volume of writers and in-class students who seek our services, we recommend scheduling an appointment ahead of time.

Call a Writing Specialist to make your appointment!
Note: The lab is closed during the first week of the fall and spring semesters and finals week.

Instruction Offered

  • Generating and organizing your ideas
  • Focusing your thoughts
  • Identifying your thesis
  • Developing your topics
  • Writing Lab Reports and Research Papers
  • Writing about literature
  • Presentation Skills (Power Point, speaking, etc.)
  • Fulfilling the Writing portion of the PRAXIS Exam
  • Reviewing grammar and punctuation

Please note: We do not write or conduct research for students!

How to Get the Most from a Writing Lab Visit

  • If possible, bring in your paper typed and double spaced.
  •  Ahead of time, identify two problem areas.
  • Underline the point you are trying to prove (thesis).
  • Underline your topic sentences (the point of each body paragraph).
  • Plan to spend 10-15 minutes per tutoring session.
  • The Lab Staff will line edit (proofread) only; we do not write papers.

If you have problems with punctuation or grammar, we'll help you learn the rules. If you need help with sentences, we'll help you learn to rewrite. 

Referred Students ('I' grade removal):

  • Must sign-up in the notebook in the Academic Support Center (Room 114)
  • Must be prepared to take the Writing Diagnostic Test and/ or complete a full 4-6 weeks of lab sessions.
  • Lab schedule/ visits must be approved by attending specialist
  • Must sign in to receive lab instructions with each visit; must sign-out for each session in order to receive credit for the visit.
  • Certificate given to the student and to Academic Support Center upon satisfactory completion of the Writing Lab. 

ASC Writing Lab Kiosk

ASC Writing Lab Kiosk is located next to the Writing Lab/ Classroom. Handouts are available covering a variety of writing topics: Research paper guidelines, Punctuation, Subject/ Verb Agreement, APA/ MLA Formatting, Getting Started with Introductions and Conclusions, etc. Feel free to come by for handouts that will help you with your studies. 

Coming Soon...ASC Online Kiosk (with helpful handouts) and Writing Specialist Presentations.