career opportunities

Career Opportunities

If you're looking for an exciting career in almost any field of endeavor, the Army most likely has a fulfilling career path for you. If you're looking to be a leader who is learning and growing continually in your field, a career as an Army officer will provide you with leadership positions that will allow you to make important decisions, act with responsibility and accountability, inspire others, serve your nation and be a life-long learner on the cutting edge of new innovations.

If this sounds like the perfect career path for you, we invite you to learn more about career opportunities for Army officers. Throughout your career, you will receive the training, knowledge and skills to be among the best in the world in your chosen field. Many career opportunities are available to Army officers, and you're almost certain to find a career that suits your interests, goals and aptitude.

Explore careers and specialties for Army officers. You will learn about the requirements, training, responsibilities and advancement opportunities for various careers. Information is also provided about related careers in the civilian workforce, so you will learn how your officer training can transfer to civilian jobs. At ECSU, you will elevate higher and emerge stronger. Your career as an officer will make you Army Strong.