student opportunities

Student Opportunities


Participants in the Army ROTC program have the opportunity to compete for scholarships to pay for school. Cadets can compete for 2, 3, and 4-Year Scholarship. For more information about scholarship opportunities and eligibility in Army ROTC visit the Army ROTC website ( and contact the Army ROTC department.


These programs are offered by the U.S. Army or by other non-specific agencies. They provide real-world experience in various fields of work. Participants must be a part of the Army ROTC program and must receive approval from the Professor of Military Science.

  • Cultural Understanding and Language Program (CULP)
  • Research or Specialty Internships
  • Army Science Board (ASB)
  • Army Medical Department Internship Program (AMEDDIP)
  • Central Identification Laboratory Internship Program (CILIP)
  • Chaplainry Internship Program (CHIP)
  • National Ground Intelligence Center Internship Program (NGICIP) 
  • Health Facility Planning Activity Internship Program (HFPAIP) 
  • Research Internship Program (RIP) 
  • Judge Advocate General Internship Program (JAGIP) 
  • Public Affairs Officer Internship Program (PAOIP) 
  • Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP) 

Cadet Practical Field Training

The following programs are schools run by the U.S. Army. Cadets can participate in any number of these courses where they learn valuable skills often needed in the U.S. Army. While in these course during summer or winter break, Cadets will strengthen their leadership and soldiering skills.

Advanced Placement Programs