Leader's Training Course


Leader's Training Course (LTC) is a program created for college students with little to no military experience who are looking to become Army Officers. Essentially, it is a four week crash course in the Army lifestyle designed to get Cadets up to speed for the goal of commissioning in 2 years.

During the four week course participants will learn Army basics like marching, customs, courtesies, etc. Soon after the basic instruction, participants will begin to get into the core of LTC - leadership. Participants will lead fellow LTC participants in small-unit mission meant to stress them mentally and physically. Throughout training participants will receive feedback and counseling from Active Duty Army Personnel to further develop them in their personal mission to become an Army Officer. Participants who complete the Leader's Training Course will emerge as stronger and more confident leaders.

Participants will receive 4 elective credits upon successful completion of LTC.

Learn more about the Army ROTC Leaders Training Course.http://www.goarmy.com/rotc/courses-and-colleges/curriculum/leaders-training-course.html