Dr. Emekalam received his undergraduate education from Imo State College of Agriculture, Imo State, Nigeria and a post graduate diploma from the University of Nigeria at Nsukka, Nigeria.

He received a doctor of pharmacy degree from Howard University, Washington, D.C. in 2002. He is licensed to practice pharmacy in Maryland, Washington, D.C, Commonwealth of Virginia and North Carolina. Before his current positions, Dr. Emekalam was a pharmacy department manager for CVS Corporation from 2003-2006 and received several awards and citations for his innovative and dynamic leadership skills and community outreach involvements. 

His research interests are in Polymer Chemistry, Drug Delivery Systems and Minority Health.  He is a pharmacy students' preceptor for Howard University's School of pharmacy in Washington, D.C and the Gregory Lloyd School of Pharmacy, Palm Beach Florida. Dr Emekalam is a recipient of the prestigious Jim Bernstein's community health leadership fellowship award of the North Carolina Foundation for Advanced Health Programs 2008-2010 and a member of the National Rural Health Association.


Anthony U. Emekalam, PharmD, RPh, 
Director & Principal Investigator
Jim Bernstein Community Health Leadership Fellow
Office: (252) 335-8521