Goals of Program

Emergency Management Photo



The Emergency Management field is a very diverse field of multiple disciplines all working together to make communities safer and more resilient. The ECSU EM program will strive to maintain ready access to its programs and education to a diverse population of disciplines, professions, cultures, genders, ideologies and other differences in order to provide the widest array of ideas, talents and skills possible to help ensure success in the field saving property and lives to advance society.

 The ECSU EM program will offer students a world class EM educational experience with affordable and efficiency being key terms looking at four-year graduation rates that will not only arm the student with the academic theories and ideology of the field but also many of the stackable trade credentials needed to obtain employment in the field to promote student success in the classroom as well as the field.

 FEMA (2017) fact sheet states that for every dollar spent for mitigating disasters an average savings of four dollars in recovery dollars to communities/organizations will be realized.  The ECSU Emergency Management intends to help area communities prosper by graduating students instilled with the forward thinking of continuity of operations that ensure area stability and economic success.

All emergencies and disasters are local in nature effecting the community first and last. ECSU EM students will be armed with knowledge skill to conduct public education and promote community unity needed for communities to survive emergencies and disasters with as little loss as possible.