Who Should Enroll in Emergency Management Courses?

Emergency Management photo

Who are courses in Emergency Management for?

 Emergency Management is a diverse and dynamic field involving many capacities.  Positions as Emergency Manager  have flourished in recent years as communities and organizations have come to recognize the value that an Emergency Manager represents.  But Emergency Management is also highly relevant training to those seeking careers in law enforcement, EMS, fire safety, the military, and the Coast Guard—all key partners in emergency management.     

The ECSU Emergency Management program works hard with other University programs to bring emergency management knowledge and concepts to other professions and fields of study, as educators, business managers, engineers, health practitioners and others, may all benefit through knowledge of key concepts in emergency management.   If you would like to know how an EM education made relevant to your profession can make you more marketable, come talk to us and let us give you some ideas on how EM classes or an EM minor can help you, help your community.

 The ECSU Emergency Management program endeavors to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to transfer the theories and ideas of academia into real world solutions for their communities, to reduce economic losses, protect life/limb and improve the quality of life of all in the community.  If you want a rewarding and exciting career in helping others, come see us to learn how you can join in the fight to better the world, one emergency at a time.