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Ace Camp (Aviation Career Education)

The ACE (Aviation Career Education) Academy program at ECSU is an exciting hands-on week-long residential aviation program for high school students. Conducted by the Aviation Science program, the camps have focused on aviation, aeronautical science, flight theory, airplanes as a vehicle, aviation history, STEM concepts as it relates to aviation, socio-economic benefits of aviation, and aviation careers. As the only four-year collegiate aviation education program in the State of North Carolina, the mission of the Aviation Science Program is to provide quality aviation education to a diverse student body by offering specializations in areas relevant to the highly competitive aerospace/aviation industry.

DATES: June 18 - June 23, 2017 and July 9 - July14, 2017

AGE:  9-12 Graders

COST: Free

Registration Onlinehttp://www.ecsu.edu/academics/programs/nasa-aero-acad/summer-academy.html 

CONTACT:  Mr. Orestes Gooden, 252-335-3822, odgooden@ecsu.edu