Project Impact

HP Catalyst Project


The impact/outcomes of the project are summarized as follows:

  1. The office of distance learning has approved three courses for online delivery. Two more online courses are under review. Roadmap to offer at least seven more courses online over the period of two years is being developed by the department.

  2. Increased utilization of lab equipment and software tools.

  3. Other academic departments within the School of Math, Science, and Technology at ECSU have expressed keen interest in hosting their virtual labs and software tools on the private cloud.

  4. Talks are underway with the Workforce Development representative on campus to extend remote lab and cloud-computing facility to deliver IT and CAD certificate programs to people in the community. A presentation by the Project Lead was made to the University’s Industrial Advisory Committee in this regard.

  5. Fisk University, a catalyst award grantee has expressed interest in using our remote computer networking lab resources for some of their computer science courses. ECSU and Fisk University plans to submit a collaborative proposal to receive funding for completing the private cloud part of the project.

  6. ECSU and Southern University-Baton Rouge also plan to work towards developing cloud-based instrumentation infrastructure for collecting and analyzing data from distributed bio-sensors.

  7. Project Lead was selected as one of member of International Collaboration Group (ICG) constituted by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. The objective of this group is to collaborate on projects that have international scope, funded through Federal agencies such as USAID.