impact on instruction

Impact on Instruction

HP Innovations in Education Project


From previous experiences, the project members believe that course content and the way it is delivered play an important role in raising and maintaining students' interest in classroom. In order to maximize the usage of HP mobile technology and provide enriching learning experience, the courses were redesigned to include PowerPoint lecture slides, online supplemental material, video lectures, interactive activities/puzzles, flash-based animations, simulations, blogs, collaborative problem-solving and laboratory exercises. The project team adopted the supplemental model for redesigning courses, where the reading material was made available online in advance through Blackboard Course Management System so freed class time could be used in implementing collaborative and interactive learning activities. Flash-based animations/simulations, interactive activities, and subject videos were used to reinforce lecture slides.

The instructional approach in the redesigned courses consisted of; (i) a short pre-test, (ii) a 20-30 minutes of lecturing/review, (iii) evaluation of students understanding through a set of interactive activities or collaborative assignments, (v) post-test, and (v) session evaluation.

The following course enhancements and new teaching methods/technology were adopted during academic year 2009-2010.


Course Enhancements:

  1. Lab modules were enhanced in four courses (TECH 220 CAD & Solid Modeling, TCPU 460 Network Admin & Security, TCPU 450 Network Communications II w/Lab, and TCPU 360 Network Communications I w/Lab) to integrate Tablet-PCs and facilitate remote accessibility of laboratory experiments.
  2. Service Learning project was introduced in ENGT 103 Introduction to Engineering Technology course.
  3. Course content for web-enhanced delivery through BlackBoard Course Management System was developed in eight courses.
  4. Three courses in the area of computer networking were made ready for fully online delivery.


New Teaching Methods/Technology:

  1. Adopted supplemental model of course redesign
  2. Tablet-PCs were integrated in six courses
  3. Used Interactive Activities to test understanding of course concepts
  4. Used flash-based animations to present difficult concepts and reinforce lecture material
  5. Included Interactive puzzles to make learning fun
  6. Adopted multiple ways of delivering course content to include different learning styles
  7. Made course content and software tools (Solid Works, MULTISIM, PRO Engineering) available on HP Blade workstations for asynchronous/remote access and to promote remote collaboration

These enhancements and improved teaching methods will be continued in the courses that will be offered during academic year 2010-2011.