Administrator Comments & Student Quotes

Administrator Comments & Student Quotes

"The HP Innovations in Education grant has enhanced our faculty capability to deliver a quality technology-based learning environment for our students. The award has improved our educational infrastructure and its impact will attract more students to our technology programs."
- Dr. Bass (Dean of SMST at ECSU)

"The HP project clearly works toward fulfilling our IT mission in providing access to current instructional and learning technologies to our students and help develop skills required for successfully competing in 21st century workplace."
- Mr. Adade (CIO at ECSU)

"Checking out HP Tablet PC during the day helped me in completion of course project and other course assignments on time."
- Craig (TECH 499 -- Senior Project Design)

"I am very excited by the possibility of conducting my laboratories remotely on my schedule like I was actually next to the equipment. Access to laboratory equipment and course resources on HP Blades via Internet will allow me to get extra hands-on experience with actual hardware outside of classroom hours."
- Husni (TCPU 216 -- PC Support Technology)

"Tablet-PC is an excellent hardware way to bring collaborative learning in both lecture and laboratory. I became more organized in managing my course work and improved flexibility in accessing the course material anytime and from any location."
- Redmond (ENGT 340 -- Digital Communications)

"The flash simulations used in this course enhanced my understanding of difficult networking concepts."
- Stanley (TCPU 450 -- Network Communications II w/lab)

"I found tablet to be very useful for interacting with my group during in class group activities. The shared workspace allowed me to contribute effectively to the group."
- Daniel (TCPU 360 -- Network Communications I w/Lab)

"Service learning project helped me gain skills in interacting with people in the community and increasing my confidence in dealing with real-world assignment."
- Martin (ENGT 103 -- Introduction to Engineering Technology)