impact on teaching

Impact on Teaching

HP Tablet Project


Through the HP mobile Tablet PCs and supporting software tools the instructors are able to:

  • Increase usage of technology in classroom teaching;
  • Promote collaborative work and active learning environment through effective delivery of teaching material
  • Achieve active participation of all students during classroom instruction
  • Obtain feedback and solicit questions  anonymously from students who would not normally participate
  • Improve passing rate and overall class performance grade
  • Create digital notes and perform live recording of lectures, including audio interaction between students and instructor that can be made available for distant education students
  • Encourage other faculty members to experience and observe effective use of technology in their courses

To assess the impact on teaching/instruction a survey was administered to students to evaluate the effectiveness of mobile Tablet-PC course content delivery. Also during the last semester (spring 2008), unused tablets were given to six interested faculty members from the School of Math, Science, & Technology (two from Biology, one from Environmental & Marine Science, two from Mathematics & Computer Science, and one from Chemistry & Physics) to evaluate its use in their classroom/field-based courses and encourage them to come up with ideas on how to maximize the use of technology to improve student learning and increase student engagement in their courses. These faculty members are enthusiastic about using HP tablets and develop teaching strategies that accommodates varied needs of diverse undergraduate student population and allow for the design of more meaningful and timely assessment of student learning.