implementation (pedagogy)

Implementation (Pedagogy)

In order to maximize the usage of Tablet PCs and supporting tools in providing enriching learning experience the courses have been redesigned to include lecture slides, oral presentations, audio lectures, video demonstrations, in-class assignments, group problem-solving and laboratory exercises that are easily accessible.

These activities will enable lecture content and pacing to be modified dynamically to address students' questions, misconceptions, and other queries. The instructional approach in the redesigned course is to conduct classroom lecture followed by an in-class assignment and problem solving exercises followed by a short quiz so that immediate feedback can be provided. The laboratory class involves circuit simulations, building and testing of circuitry, and writing a short memo. The Tablet PCs and NSS facilitates active learning in the redesigned course delivery system by wirelessly recording feedback on in-class questions and enabling collaborative in-class problem solving sessions. During the academic year 2007-2008, two undergraduate Engineering Technology courses; TCEL 205: Electrical Circuits w/Lab and TCEL 234: Analog Electronics w/Lab.


Screen Shot

Screen capture: Instructor monitoring student screen from his tablet Screen capture: Instructor monitoring student screen from his tablet


Screen Shot

Screen capture: Instructor using quick polling to gage students'understanding on a particular topic