implementation (technology)

Implementation (Technology)

The HP Tablet-PCs-based wireless/mobile learning classroom is on a dedicated wireless network. Instructor can access any student tablet and send or receive course work over the wireless network. Students are able to freely move around the classroom and still have access to the course material and other on-line resources.

The HP Tablet PCs are used both in the laboratory and the classroom lecture. This will provide students with access to notes at all times and direct feedback during lectures, bridging the gap between the two course components. The Tablet PCs and supporting tools help students take notes, annotate text, draw diagrams, retrieve assignments, access electronic textbooks, organize class work, and mark up handwritten notes that that can be publicly displayed, and used as the basis for class-wide discussions. Students can run circuit simulations on their Tablet PCs during lecture sessions, making class demonstrations more engaging while encouraging the development of design ideas to be tested in the laboratory. In addition, NetSupport School (NSS) Classroom Management Software (CMS) in conjunction with Tablet-PC enable instructors to improve course delivery by centrally instructing their students on their Tablet PCs, maintain student attention by monitoring application and web usage, and save time by quickly polling the class and showing results instantly. Instructor is also able to project student's work for everyone in class to see.



HP Tablet-PC based wireless/mobile learning classroom environment HP Tablet-PC based wireless/mobile learning classroom environment