HP Tablet Project

Department of Technology


Integrating HP Mobile Tablet PC Technology-Baded Instructional Delivery System into Undergraduate Engineering Technology Courses

Principal Investigator: Kuldeep S. Rawat, PhD
Department of Technology

In April 2007, Elizabeth City State University received the HP Technology for Teaching grant to integrate mobile technology in classroom. The project emphasizes on importance of providing students equitable access and actively involving them in the learning process. Dr. Kuldeep Rawat and Dr. Mehran Elahi from the Department of Technology (Industrial Technology, Engineering Technology, and Aviation Science programs) are using HP mobile technology in the classroom that is aimed at facilitating new pedagogical approach that promotes active learning.

The Instructional Delivery System is developed around HP mobile Tablet-PCs in conjunction with NetSupport School Classroom Management Software (CMS) that allows individual and group monitoring, assessment and management of all computer applications, and immediate feedback and analysis of student performance. The new approach works towards achieving intellectual engagement of all students during classroom instruction by providing a venue for active two-way interactions between the instructor and individual students, as well as collaboration between the students to develop skills and strategies for problem solving, and eventually enhance student learning.