post-survey summary results and analysis

Post-Survey Summary Results and Analysis

Students were surveyed at the end of the semester to assess the impact of using Tablet-PCs and supporting tools (note-taking and CMS) in classroom and laboratory.

The survey results (TCEL 205: Electrical Circuits w/Lab, N=18) on the usefulness of Tablet-PCs and NSS are summarized in Summary Results 1 and Summary Results 2 respectively. As seen in Summary Results 1, 85% (agreed or strongly agreed) found Tablet-PCs useful for note-taking, 78% found it useful for classroom learning, 89% for circuit analysis activities, 100% for keeping class work organized, and 78% found it useful in lab experiments.



Summary Results 1 Summary Results 1


As seen in Summary Results 2, 89% found that NSS in conjunction with Tablet-PC improved their group collaboration, 83% said it improved their interaction in class, 94% said they paid more attention in class, only 44% said they asked more questions due to anonymous message feature of NSS, and 95% agreed that NSS helped in receiving immediate feedback. A higher 56% of students did not see anonymous message feature of NSS to be factor in asking more questions during class. This was not surprising as 70% of the students during pre-survey had expressed that they were not apprehensive about asking questions in class.



Summary Results 2 Summary Results 2


Summary Results 3 and Summary Results 4 are the post survey scatter plots for Electrical Circuits course and Analog Electronics course respectively. These results depict average values for responses to each post survey question. As seen from these results students in both courses have responded very positively to the use of Tablet-PC technology, its supporting tools (NSS, Windows Journal), course redesign, and classroom pedagogy. As seen in Summary Results 3 and Summary Results 4, a large majority of average response values lie between Agree (4) and Strongly Agree (5) on Likert Scale.



Summary Results 3 Summary Results 3


Summary Results 4 Summary Results 4