Summer Transportation Institute


The key objectives of the STI program at ECSU are:

  • To increase the exposure of the high school students to careers in transportation with emphases in the areas of general aviation, traffic management/monitoring, and coastal transportation.

  • To show students how math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus) is necessary to obtain careers in transportation including civil engineering, surveying, computer programming, and aviation.

  • To prepare and motivate students to pursue higher education (Physics/Engineering/Technology/Automotive/Aviation) that will prepare them for careers in the transportation industry.

  • To show how the partnership between NASA, FHWA, NCDOT, ECSU and other organizations is necessary if we intend to provide competent employees for the transportation industry in the future.

  • To expose disadvantaged minorities and women to aviation with the intent to enhance their opportunities in this field of transportation.

  • To teach and improve 21st century skills (collaboration, team skills, active interaction, time-management, etc.) necessary for success at any workplace.