student opportunities

Student Opportunities

Engineering Technology

The graduates of this program are qualified to obtain professional careers in high-tech industries, government, and business or pursue their graduate degree in the related fields. Graduates can obtain positions such as: Computer Engineer, Network Administrator, Computer System Analyst, Computer and Information System Manager, Network Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Technologist, Automated Process Engineer, Production Engineer and Plant Supervisor.

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Computer Networking & Cybersecurity Technology (Formerly Industrial Technology)

The United States (US) economy and its citizens are reliant on information technology (IT) infrastructure. Managing and protecting this infrastructure is critical for the Nation and its economy. Both government agencies and private companies are making significant investments to protect their computer systems and data networks from both internal and external threats. Over the next decade, the need for Information, Networking, and Cyber Security specialists is expected to grow rapidly in both government and private sectors. The reliance of critical infrastructure such as transportation, energy or finance on computer systems and networks, coupled with a growing number of cyber-attacks accentuates the need for expertise in techniques and technologies against cyber threats.

The Computer Networking & Cybersecurity Technology program will provide with a framework of knowledge to create a strong foundation in enterprise computer networking, information security, policy and regulations, and cyber security systems and technologies applied to computer networks and information systems.

Aviation Science

In just over hundred years since the inception of aviation, the world has become dependent on air transportation as a primary system for passenger conveyance and cargo movement. Air transportation has risen to this position because through the years, the men and women who have worked in the air transportation industry have applied the new techniques, technologies, and dedication to keep it ahead of its competition. All areas of aviation and aerospace are expanding. There continues to be a need for motivated individuals to fill the challenging aviation and aerospace positions with government and private industry. The aviation and space science areas of study offered by the Aviation Science Program are designed to educate and train students who want careers in these exciting and rewarding industries.

The Aviation Science Program prepares students for a variety of positions in both the aviation and aerospace industries. Some of these career areas include Airport Management, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Electronics Technology, Airline and Corporate Flight, Avionics, Radar Technology, Flight Instruction, Aviation Policy, and Aviation Entrepreneurship. These are a few of the many career areas for which Aviation Science students are preparing themselves. 

Career Opportunities in Technology and Aviation Science

Graduates have obtained positions in many areas of industry and government such as:

  • Plant Supervisor
  • Facility Manager
  • Control Designer
  • Computer Network Manager
  • Computer Aided Drafting Director
  • Electronic Technologist
  • Distribution Manager
  • Computer Scientist
  • Assistant Manager
  • Tire and Lube Express Technician
  • Energy & Rehab Housing Auditor
  • Biotechnology Consultant
  • Enterprise Systems Administrator
  • Line Supervisor
  • Production Controller
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Process Planner
  • Teacher
  • Help Desk Coordinator
  • Teller
  • Chemical operator
  • IT Client Services Project Assistant
  • Equipment Maintenance Technician

Jobs and Internships

Our graduates have found jobs with the following organizations:

  • Department of Defense
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • SAS
  • Food Lion
  • Southern Guilford Middle School
  • Wyle Information Systems
  • Wachovia
  • Ecoflo Inc.
  • Walmart
  • Choanoke Area Development Association
  • Wet Cutz
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Walmart
  • PharmaSys, Inc. 

Student Opportunities/Resources

  • Technology Club
  • Northeastern NC Women in Aviation International Chapter
  • ARTSI Robotics Team
  • Internship/Work study

Internship Experiences for Students in Industrial Technology Program

Site of Internship Time of Activity
Hockmeyer Summer, 2004
Information Technology Center Summer, 2005
UNC in Washington Experience Summer, 2005
Texas Tech University Summer. 2007
Texas Tech University Summer, 2007
Texas Tech University Summer, 2007
University of Iowa Summer, 2007
NuCor Steel Company Summer, 2007, 2008
NC Dept. of Transportation Summer, 2007
BMW Manufacturing Company Spring, 2008
Intel Corporation Summer, 2008, 2009
Department of Defense Summer, 2008, 2009
US Coast Guard Summer, 2008

Field Trips

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