For acceptance into any of the music programs, the prospective student must audition on a selected applied instrument(s). Auditions take place before a panel of the music faculty. This assures a fair assessment of the student's playing abilities. Audition procedures for acceptance as a music minor or to concentrate simply in music are the same as those for a music major. All students must perform on an instrument and be prepared to sight-read at the audition. Students passing the audition are able to enroll in Applied Music instruction in one or more performance areas. Beginning instruction is available in piano and voice class. Individual applied instruction is available in the following:piano, voice, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings and other selected instruments. All students seeking permission to register for applied music courses must complete an audition.


Upcoming Audition Dates

Please call the department of music to schedule a specific time, and confirm the location.

APRIL 8, 2017

Open Auditions for Performing Arts Programs 
The Elizabeth City State University Department of Visual and Performing Arts will be holding open auditions for the 2017-2018 semesters. Auditions will be held Saturday, April 8, 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Burnim Fine Arts Center.

Students interested in the marching band, symphonic winds, jazz ensemble, orchestra, choir, or piano are encouraged to audition. If you are interested in auditioning be prepared to perform scales, sight singing or reading, and two contrasting song selections.

For more information, contact Valerie Price at (252) 335-3359, or email her



APRIL 29, 2017

Open Audition Day for Instrumentalist, Percussion, Dancers, and Color Guard

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, ECSU band will hold an open audition day for Instrumentalist, Percussion, Dancers, and Color Guard.  (if you are unable to attend please contact Juliet Boykins to make other arrangements for an audition).

Registration will be at the Floyd L. Robinson Auditorium in the lobby from 7:30 am - 8:15 am (Mickey L. Burnim Fine Arts Center).  

Please respond via email to or  call 252-335-3658.


Below you will find the instructions for each section.

Please come in athletic wear and with your own instrument and mouth piece.  We will have upper classmen from the band that will perform a 2 hr workshop with you, walk you around campus and give you some last tips before your audition time.  Audition criteria will be 2 major scales, a prepared piece (no marching band music), and sight reading.

Please come in athletic wear and your own sticks if you play snare drum or bass drum.  We will provide you with a 4-5 hour camp with auditions following after.

Please come in dancer attire.  We will provide you with a 4-5 hour camp with auditions following after.

Color Guard:
Please come in athletic wear.  We will provide you with a 4-5 hour camp with auditions following after.