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Teacher Education

Candidate Selection Criteria
Teacher Education Student Handbook- Admission Requirements p. 12
Undergraduate Catalog Course Descriptions

Reading Instruction Course Syllabi
EDUC 160- Praxis I Reading
EDUC 250- Introduction to Reading
ELEM 300- Reading and Language Arts
EDUC 350- Teaching Intermediate and Content Reading

Elementary Math Course Syllabi
EDUC 170- Praxis I Mathematics
EDUC 225- Explorations in Mathematics
ELEM 430-Mathematics Methods in the Inclusive Classroom
ELEM 631-Teaching Elementary School Mathematics- Graduate
EDUC 478- Seminar in Contemporary Issues- For Student Teachers

Elementary Curriculum Guide
            Degree http://www.ecsu.edu/undergrad_catalog/8047.htm
            Licensure-only http://www.ecsu.edu/undergrad_catalog/8049.htm

Middle Grades Curriculum Guides
                        Language Arts
                        Social Science http://www.ecsu.edu/undergrad_catalog/8061.htm

                        Language Arts http://www.ecsu.edu/undergrad_catalog/8063.htm
                        Social Science http://www.ecsu.edu/teachered/docs/LOSocScienceCurrGuide.pdf
                        Mathematics http://www.ecsu.edu/undergrad_catalog/8066.htm
                        Science http://www.ecsu.edu/undergrad_catalog/8069.htm

Special Education Curriculum Guides
            Degree http://www.ecsu.edu/undergrad_catalog/8096.htm
            Licensure-only http://www.ecsu.edu/undergrad_catalog/8098.htm  

Student Teaching Evaluation Forms (Formative/Summative)
Clinical I & II Practice Handbook - pp. 74-80

Lesson Plans/Templates, Rubrics
Clinical I & II Practice Handbook - pp. 20-31

Required Projects (Evidences)
Impact on Student Learning Project p. 62
School Leadership Project p. 62
Unit Plan p. 62

Student Teaching Classroom Hours
Clinical Practice I & II Handbook p. 13
University/District MOU

Student Teacher Aggregated Data