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Our Goals

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Strategic Goal 1:

Recruit, retain and graduate a diverse, motivated and highly qualified student population.


  • Increase the overall graduation rate for teacher education by at least 10 % for 2011.
  • Develop processes for improving student admission to the SOEP, including new recruitment strategies to:
    • Revisit and make recommended strategies for the SOEP Teacher Recruitment Plan.
    • Identify priority recruitment activities that will be addressed in 2010 - 2011 and how these activities relate to the productivity of initially licensed teacher education graduates and alternative licensure completers (see UNC Teacher Productivity for 2008-09 Data).
    • Enhance recruitment efforts for the SOEP, focusing on new admission standards.
  • Strengthen academic and student support services for the SOEP.
  • Reactivate the UNC-NCCCS Joint Initiative for Teacher Education and Recruitment Advisor Positions.

Strategic Goal 2:

Deliver, enhance and continually improve all programs in SOEP as directed and supported by the administration, NCDPI, UNC-GA and other governing agencies.


  • Continue to evaluate, assess and restructure existing programs / curriculum in compliance with NCDPI, UNC-GA and other accrediting bodies.
  • Provide academically professionally qualified faculty, lifelong learning opportunities, and a diverse curriculum that supports written, analytical, critical thinking and social skills for all SOEP candidates by providing a transparent sharing and informative climate for keeping our faculty and staff informed/involved in best practices.
  • Provide a professional, informative and supporting climate for our faculty and staff, candidates in all programs and the public.
  • Collaborate and partnership with international Schools of Education.

Strategic Goal 3:

Recruit, retain and support a diverse and highly qualified faculty and staff that provide the highest educational experiences, scholarship and services for our candidates.


  • Emphasize high quality teaching and scholarly activities by all faculty.
  • Emphasize continual faculty and staff involvement in technology learning and its relationship to teaching and learning.
  • Reactivate the E.V. Wilkins Endowed Chair (reading or other specialty area) to recruit and employ an endowed scholar for the SOEP.

Strategic Goal 4:

Strengthen commitment to the strategic planning process.


  • Implement a plan to effectively communicate and implement the SOEP Strategic Plan.
  • Develop, implement/evaluate a process to connect faculty/staff evaluations to strengthening overall student/organization progress and outcomes.

Strategic Goal 5:

Enlarge our partnership involvement with the SOEP across campus schools, departments and our LEAS, and globally.

  • Two Plus Two Programs500
  • USTEP Programs: flexible year-long internships
  • Technology (HS Connection, etc.)
  • International Partnerships
  • Faculty exchange program (i.e. Ethopia, Africa, others)

Strategic Goal 6:

Facilitate a process to ensure that technological and other support services are rendered to faculty and staff in a timely and quality manner.


  • Devise a plan to cascade all computers for faculty/staff on an annual basis.
  • Up-date software on all computers for 21st century performance.
  • Continue to evaluate and enhance all technological services to ensure that classrooms are capable of 21st century performance.
  • Plan and devise professional development sessions / seminars to assist faculty/staff for readiness in using technology to enhance classroom instruction and other services.
  • When completed in 2011, our new SOEP is to have the "state-of-the-art" technological resources.

Strategic Goal 7:

Enhance and improve customer services.

  • The needs / issues of our customers are to be met as professional and expeditiously as possible. Each issue / concern should start at the primary level. An instructional / advisory issue, for example:
Instructors → Chair → Dean → Provost

*Measurement of success will be based on the extent of customer satisfaction.