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2011 NNCSLP Summer Retreat

Northeastern North Carolina School Leadership Program

The Northeastern North Carolina School Leadership Program is gratefull for the participation and support of Dr. Willie Gilchrist and the Elizabeth City State University and its staff during the first annual NNCSLP Summer Retreat.

We would like to personally acknowledge those persons, from each school district, who took an individual interest in our program and delivered presentations that assisted in creating a professional atmosphere, conducive to sharing and discussing ideas and processes utilized in Problem Based Learning Initiatives as well as nurturing aspiring administrators.

Keynote Speaker
Mrs. Beatriz Ceja-Williams

US Department of Education, Program Manager
Office of Innovation and Improvement
School Leadership & Transition to Teaching Programs
Teacher Quality Programs

PBLI - Edenton-Chowan Public Schools

Mrs. Olinka Baker and Dr. Todd Korbusieski
Assistant Principals, John A. Holmes High School

PBLI - Edgecombe County Public Schools

Mr. Marc Whichard - Principal, Southwest Edgecombe High School
Mrs. Jennifer Hawkins - Instructional Specialist

PBLI - Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools

Mr. Don Sisson - Principal, Northeastern High School

Keynote Speaker
Mr. Rob Jackson

2011-2012 Wells Fargo Principal of the Year
2010-2011 Union County Public Schools Principal of the Year

PBLI - Northampton County Public Schools

Mr. Oliver Holley - Assistant Principal, Conway Middle School
Ms. Ann Davis - Principal, Squire Elementary School
Ms. Wanda Briggs-Trevino - Director Elem Curriculum
Ms. Catina Hoggard - Principal, Central Elementary School

PBLI - Perquimans County Public Schools

Ms. Chante' Lassiter - Principal, Perquimans County High School

PBLI - Warren County Public Schools

 Ms. Canecca Davis - Principal, Mariam Boyd Elementary School

PBLI - Weldon City Public Schools

Ms. Willa Johnson-Wall - Principal, Weldon Elementary School

Mentorship Initiative

Dr. Dwayne Stallings
Superintendent, Perquimans County Public Schools
Mr. James Bunch
Assistant Superintendent, Perquimans County Public Schools

School Leadership Licensure Assessment

Mrs. Tracey Gregory & Mrs. Michelle White
Perquimans County Public Schools & NNCSLP Cluster I Students

School Leaders' Round-Table Discussions

Ms. Karen H. Dameron
Assistant Superintendent - HRS, Edgecombe County Public Schools