A minimum of 30 semester hours required for the master's degree must be earned in residence study at the University. No more than six (6) credit hours may be transferred from other institutions (See Office of Graduate Education). Those credit hours must be at the graduate level, as defined and approved by Elizabeth City State University and, in depth and breadth, be similar in substance for one of the core courses needed for degree completion at Elizabeth City State University. Other area courses, such as specialization courses, support courses, and elective courses, may not be substituted from other institutions, colleges, and/or universities.
A graduate student seeking permission to complete courses as a transient student at other institutions of higher learning, colleges, and/or universities for subsequent transfer to their admitted degree program at Elizabeth City State University must complete and secure an approved Transient Student form. This permission must be approved prior to enrollment at the proposed transient institution, college, or university. The six (6) hour credit limit applies to transient courses, as well as transfer courses.

Residence Status for Tuition Purposes

The Admissions and Recruitment Office determines the residence status for the purpose of paying tuition. Responses to the application for admission are used in making this determination. Students who fail to submit adequate information to establish a right to be classified as a resident of North Carolina will be classified as a non-resident.