BA in Music

BA in Music


The purpose of the Bachelor of Music degree is to provide students with a liberal arts education with a concentration in Music Education Licensure, Composition, Performance, Music Business or Sound Recording Technology. The program is designed to provide each student with the essential tools to become proficient in their area of concentration and to participate in numerous activities for cultural enrichment within Northeastern North Carolina.

Outcome 1
Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to hear, identify, and work conceptually with the elements of music such as rhythm, harmony, structure, timbre and texture.

Outcome 2
Students will be able to perform in a variety of styles of music both individually and in ensembles.

Outcome 3
Students will be able to analyze, critique, and formulate opinions in written music theory as well as develop and utilize aural theory skills.

Outcome 4
Students will be able to evaluate music of various styles, cultures, and historical eras.

Outcome 5
Students will be able to work on musical problems by combining, as appropriate to the issue, their capabilities in performance; aural, verbal, and visual analysis; composition/improvisation; and history and repertory.

Outcome 6
Students will be able to read and realize musical notation.