BA in Political Science


The mission of the Political Science program is to create an environment for students to develop academic skills in understanding their culture, history, and political institutions; and those other societies and nations. The program seeks to develop critical thinking about political and social values and objective analysis of political systems and structures. The program is committed to preparing thoughtful citizens and productive members of society through the utilization of diverse pluralistic curricula. The Political Science program prepares students for post-baccalaureate education or professional schools directly after graduation.

Outcome 1
Upon graduation, political science majors will identify political institution and processes of the government of the United States.

Outcome 2
Upon graduation, political science majors will be able to distinguish among the leading schools of thought in political science and apply and discuss these approaches in understanding and explaining domestic and international political phenomena.

Outcome 3
Upon graduation, political science majors will demonstrate the ability to research conclusions/make arguments across a range of social science topic that is grounded in various schools of political though