BA in Sociology

BA in Sociology


The mission of the Sociology Program at ECSU is to provide undergraduate instruction in sociology and prepare students to pursue graduate study in the field or other related areas such as business, education, law, counseling, and the media. Students in sociology received an undergraduate degree which is in the best tradition of liberal education, and which instills in them not only a scientific bent of mind but also a "sociological imagination" that is historical, comparative, critical, and global in nature.

Outcome 1
Students will be able to interpret the core of sociology reasoning: how sociological perspective is different from other social science perspectives; analyzing personal experience using the sociological imagination.

Outcome 2
Students will be able to compare and contrast the core institutions of society such as family, economy, politics, education, and religion.

Outcome 3
Students will be able to analyze social change processes such as urbanization, industrialization, the rise of the information economy, and globalization and determine how these shape contemporary social life and policy making.

Outcome 4
Students will be able to compare the nature of different social groups such as different races, ethnicities, religious groups, and classes, and distinguish between the social issues of domination, subordination, and exploitation.

Outcome 5
Students will be able to explain the role of research methods in building sociological knowledge, social research, data analysis, and ethical practices in sociological research.