BS in Accounting

BS in Accounting


The Accounting program in the Walter R. Davis School of Business and Economics provides a challenging student-centered learning environment. The program strongly prepares its students with special emphasis on the skills that give a comparative advantage in participating in the global business environment. The primary objectives of the program are: To prepare students for entry-level business career opportunities in both the public and private sectors, to provide basic preparation for professional licensure, to prepare students for graduate study, to produce graduates with the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and confidence to succeed in the career of their choice and in life, and to produce graduates who are effective communicators and problem solvers and who will contribute to the common good in a global society.

Graduates will be able to prepare and analyze financial statements.

Outcome 2
Graduates will demonstrate entry level technical competence in financial accounting, cost/managerial accounting and auditing.

Outcome 3
Graduates will be able to apply principles of the US Tax System to real life cases.

Outcome 4
Graduates will be able to describe the principles related to the design, integrity and effectiveness of accounting information systems

Outcome 5
Graduates will be able to apply critical thinking skills to business decisions.

Outcome 6
Graduates will be able to communicate effectively both in oral and written format.