BS in Geology

BS in Geology


As the only HBCU with a B.S. degree program in geology, our mission is to provide the knowledge and skills required to embark on careers as geologists in energy, mineral resources and environmental consulting or to pursue graduate studies in more specialized areas of geology. A set of core courses provides the background to take the Fundamentals of Geology portion of the National (ASBOG) Geology Licensing Exam.

Outcome 1
Graduate will gain a broad knowledge of fundamental geological knowledge including rock, mineral and fossil identification.

Outcome 2
Graduates will obtain a sound knowledge of the following sub-disciplines of geology: geomorphology, mineralogy, stratigraphy, structural geology/field methods, and petrology.

Outcome 3
Graduates will be able to solve geology problems in two-, three- and four-dimensions.

Outcome 4
Graduates will be able to analyze data and draw accurate inferences

Outcome 5
Graduates will be able to perform field-based research and produce accurate geologic maps and cross-sections