BS in Industrial Technology

BS in Industrial Technology


The mission of the Industrial Technology Program is to offer student-centered learning environment that prepares individuals for professional careers in the technical and management areas of industry, business, government, and education. The curriculum has been designed to provide comprehensive understanding of wide range of technology and management topics with focus on hands-on experiences.

Outcome 1
Upon completion majors will be able to apply theories and principles from mathematics, physics, chemistry, psychology, and statistics to solve practical technology problems.

Outcome 2
Upon completion majors will be able apply current industry practices, safety, and basic technical skills required in technology to a professional work environment.

Outcome 3
Upon completion majors will be able utilize contemporary business practices and principle of management in both the public and private work sectors.

Outcome 4
Upon completion majors will be able apply computer applications and information technology tools to solve technical and management problems.

Outcome 5
Upon completion majors will be able apply advanced technical knowledge and skills to solve industrial problems in their field of specialization.

Outcome 6
Students will able to communicate effectively in both individual and team situations using written and oral communication.