BS in Middle Grade Education 6-9

BS in Middle Grade Education 6-9



The mission of the Middle Grades Education Program at ECSU is to prepare candidates for excellence in teaching in grades 6-9. The program is designed to prepare students to meet both developmental and content area standards that are correlated with national, state, and professional teaching standards. Our goal is to assure that our teacher candidates understand how to motivate all young adolescents and facilitate their learning through the use of a wide variety of developmentally responsive materials and resources (e.g., technological resources, manipulative materials).

Outcome 1-Content Knowledge
Students will be able to explain the principles of middle grade education through a content area research paper.

Outcome 2- Pedagogical Knowledge: Unit Plan
Teacher candidates will be able to create an integrated and differentiated unit plan by combining student learning, middle grade content, cultural context, instructional strategies, and data-based assessment.

Outcome 3-Professional Knowledge: Leadership
Teacher candidates will be able to create a culminating leadership initiative to implement in a Middle School learning setting which includes collaborating, planning, implementing, evaluating, and reflecting upon a school improvement project that includes families and communities.

Outcome 4-Pedagogical Skills
Students will be able to apply classroom teaching skills to their early field experience evaluation.

Outcome 5-Pedagogical Skills
Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in classroom teaching measured by the Certificate of Teaching Capacity.

Outcome 6-Positive Impact
Students will able to make data-driven instructional decisions that positively impact student learning.

Outcome 7- Philosophical Disposition
Students will be able to use appropriate philosophical dispositions towards teaching and learning by including the Educational Philosophies of valuing diversity, believing all children can learn, respecting cultural contexts (including families and communities), being a reflective practitioner and understanding the importance of life-long learning.

Outcome 8-Dispositional Assessment
Students will be able to recognize critical dispositions of effective teaching through a self-assessment.

Outcome 9-Technology
Students will be able to integrate the use of technology based systems into a classroom setting.