BS in Physics

BS in Physics


The physics baccalaureate program at Elizabeth City State University will provide students with a theoretical and experimental background in physics and mathematics as well as a general background in chemistry and computer science. A set of core physics courses provides fundamental knowledge and experimental education in the various concentrations within the major which includes mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, optics and modern physics. In addition, laboratory and research experiences are provided to help students attain a better comprehension of physics concepts; acquire skills in scientific communication and retrieval of scientific information. This educational foundation will be a stepping stone for students to (1) embark on careers as physicists in the industrial, research laboratory or public sector, (2) pursue graduate studies or professional schools or (3) become an educator in the school system.

Outcome 1
Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the basic areas of physics which encompasses the following: classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, modern physics and optics.

Outcome 2
Students will be able to identify principles and applications of modern instrumentation, experimental setup, and data analysis.

Outcome 3
Students will be able to apply experimental/ research and quantitative skills to individual laboratory research.

Outcome 4
Students will be able to communicate scientific information clearly and precisely in written and oral presentations.

Outcome 5
Students will be able to use computer technology to create, design, and analyze scientific reports.