BS in Special Education

BS in Special Education


The mission of the Special Education Program is to prepare candidates to teach students with disabilities. The program assists candidates to acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they will need to be effective teachers, collaborators, and advocators. Emphasis is placed on the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse learners.

Outcome 1- Content Knowledge
Students will be able to write a research paper that discusses the processes and procedures of providing services to students with disabilities as required by IDEA legislation with special reference to North Carolina.

Outcome 2-Pedagogical Knowledge: Unit Plan
Teacher candidates will be able apply and synthesize principles of student learning, special education content, cultural contexts, learner differences, instructional strategies, and data-based assessment to develop an integrated and differentiated unit plan.

Outcome 3-Pedagogical Skills
Teacher candidates will demonstrate proficiency in classroom teaching and management, as measured by the NC DPI Certification of Teaching Capacity.

Outcome 4 -Positive Impact
Teacher candidates will be able to make data-driven instructional decisions that positively impact student learning.

Outcome 5- Professional Knowledge: Leadership
Teacher candidates will be able to create a culminating leadership project to implement in a K-12 learning setting which includes collaborating, planning, implementing, evaluating, and reflecting upon a school improvement project that includes families and communities.

Outcome 6-Content Knowledge: Breadth of Knowledge
Teacher candidates will apply knowledge of special education content to successful complete the Praxis II Special Education Exam.