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BS in Pharmaceutical Science

Learning Outcomes and Assessment

The mission of the BS in Pharmaceutical Science program is to produce graduates who will be highly sought after for their skill and expertise by pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, academic institutions, government and private research institutes and regulatory agencies. It is also to produce global citizens who will be well-equipped for public service anywhere in the world.

Outcome 1
Students will able to explain basic concepts of study design and clinical trials.

Outcome 2
Students will able to describe scientific data in standard format to a diverse audience both orally and written.

Outcome 3
Students will able to discuss key areas of research and practice in pharmaceutical sciences such as medicinal chemistry, physical chemistry, molecular pharmacology, and pharmacotherapy.

Outcome 4
Students will able to summarize various stages of drug development and discovery, from identifying potential molecules to clinical studies.

Outcome 5
Students will able to apply critical thinking and problem solving to assist in the development manufacture and evaluation of drugs.

Outcome 6
Students will able to explain the fundamental principles of pharmaceutical research.